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Cat Ninja:

Cat Ninja Game Description:

CatNinja is a strategy game in which a virtual cat is the main character that keeps running through various obstacles. The player must keep the cat safe and pass the mines or break the glass to get a high score. However, it is important to collect gems as well. A player can also rotate gravity to avoid death but has no other option to change the trajectory of a cat. There are many dangerous spines and things in the game, just stay tuned and turn off the laser mode to continue in the game.

The awesome game has action full of ninja Cat characters that climb walls and jumps over obstacles. It is really fun to learn special tactics for keeping the cat safe from various obstacles. If you’re a fan of the arcade adventure game, unlocked CatNinja is a perfect mix of adventure and puzzle game. At most levels, it is imperative to use power-ups to advance the game. Do not forget to mention your highest score played below.

Game Controls

  • [W][A][S][D] or [ARROW KEYS] to move
  • [R] to restart
  • Press the jump button twice to make a double jump.
  • Press the jump button then down arrow to break buttons.